Coding Dash Robots

students with Dash Robot

On Thursday, May 26th students at Elm Park Elementary School demonstrated their coding skills. WPS recently purchased several robots that respond to the codes programmed by students; students use coding to make the robots travel from one location to another.

The program is lead by Mr. Rigo Sanchez (Grade 5) and Miss Christina Hatziemmanuel (Librarian) who teamed up with Mr. Dante Quercio (Instructional Technology Coach). Since it’s inception, students have shows great enthusiasm! Teachers have decided to expand the program and will be raising funds toward this goal.

Coding is very important to our students; computer science professionals are in demand for jobs in the technology field and according to, only one in ten U.S. schools teach children to code. It is forecast that computer-related employment will rise 22 percent by 2020, with the strongest demand for software developers.

Coding instills creative thinking, problem solving, perseverance, collaboration, inquiry and communication skills in participants.

In order to go beyond this pilot and offer coding to more students as an enrichment class we need to raise funds for tablets and Dash kits. Please consider supporting this iniciative to support our student's Science and Technology education.